1. Which character in the "X-Men" series is known by the name "Logan"?

2. Which film depicts the terror and chaos caused by a creature attacking New York City through the lens of a handheld camera?

3. Among beer styles, which one is usually dark in color and has flavors reminiscent of coffee or chocolate?

4. What type of art pieces can be created using the "Pinhole" method?

5. The "Pin-up" style is commonly seen in which type of art pieces?

6. What term is used to refer to Chinese space travelers sent into space?

7. In which style of decoration are typically bold colors and large patterns used?

8. Which famous author is known for novels like "Inferno" and "Angels & Demons"?

9. To which fruit family does an avocado belong?

10. Which actor is known for films like "Maverick" and "Conspiracy Theory"?

11. Which mythological creature is a figure that mesmerizes sailors and leads their ships to crash on rocks?

12. Which princess does Super Mario often rescue from the dragon in his video game adventures?