1. Robot Bender is a character from which animated series?

2. What dip sauce is made with avocado?

3. Which one is a taste?

4. How much memory does a standard floppy disk have?

5. Which movie is famous for its pottery scene?

6. In "The Little Prince," what type of tree does the Little Prince fear is invading his planet?

7. In the South Park animated series, which character embodies the embodiment of socially unacceptable behavior?

8. In the TV series "Dexter," which is about a forensic expert, what is the name of the serial killer character?

9. Which of these does not feature a dog character?

10. Where does the name "Bluetooth" originate from?

11. In which dance is it customary to break plates?

12. The song "If I Were a Rich Man" is from the soundtrack of which film?