1. What does "Terra Cotta" mean?

2. Which micronation, represented by a satellite launched into Earth's orbit and calling itself the Space Kingdom?

3. Which one is owned by Meta?

4. What is the chemical formula of table salt?

5. Who is the scientist who contributed significantly to computer science and committed suicide by biting into an apple injected with cyanide?

6. What is the capital of Greece?

7. Which desert is the world's largest hot desert?

8. Which country's national football team is known as "Oranje"?

9. What is the start date of World War I?

10. Which novel by George Orwell critiques a totalitarian society and is known for the term "Big Brother"?

11. Which country's cuisine is famous for corn-based foods like tacos, burritos, and nachos?

12. Which actor has not played the role of James Bond?