1. Which character is not a dog?

2. Didgeridoo is a traditional musical instrument of which country?

3. Antonio Stradivari, who became legendary for his instruments, produced which type of instruments?

4. Who directed the film "Mars Attacks!"?

5. Which scientist played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution by developing the modern steam engine?

6. In the King Arthur legend, what is the name of the sword with special powers?

7. In the science fiction series "Doctor Who," what is the name of the Doctor's time machine?

8. What type of instrument is a sitar?

9. What is the other name for the star also known as the "North Star"?

10. Who is the architect of the famous church "La Sagrada Familia"?

11. In which city is the "Notre Dame Cathedral" located?

12. In volleyball, how many consecutive times can a player touch the ball?