1. Who is the author of "Divine Comedy"?

2. What is the date of the first human spaceflight?

3. What is the term for the continuous increase in the general price level of goods and services in the economy?

4. What is the name of the novel known for the theme of "Captain Ahab" and "Whale"?

5. Which country's political leader is referred to as the "Chancellor"?

6. In which century did Napoleon Bonaparte become the Emperor of France?

7. Who are the actors featured in the famous dance scene in "Pulp Fiction"?

8. Which singer is known for songs like "Halo" and "Crazy in Love"?

9. Which actress known for her role as Rachel Green in the TV series "Friends"?

10. Who is the famous mathematician considered the first computer programmer and wrote the first program?

11. The term "Brexit" refers to the process of which country leaving the European Union (EU)?

12. Which city hosted the 2020 Summer Olympics?