1. Mythological Lethe River has what feature?

2. Who is the British actor known for the character Mr. Bean?

3. Which group of drugs is used for allergic reactions?

4. According to Earth's time, what is the difference between two following days' moonrises?

5. In which city is Big Ben located?

6. Which city is home to the NBA team Chicago Bulls?

7. Greenland is an autonomous territory of which country?

8. Which actress starred in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

9. The game "Sudoku" originated from which country and spread worldwide?

10. As of 2023, in which country was the "FIFA World Cup" most recently held?

11. "Pyongyang" is the capital of which country?

12. "Global Warming" is associated with the increase of which gas in the atmosphere?