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Welcome to The Word Block

Are you ready to put your word-guessing skills to the test?

The Word Block is an exciting game that challenges players to uncover hidden words letter by letter. Using a wallet to sign up gives you an opportunity to win prizes!

How to Play:

  1. Guess the word: You'll be presented with a partially hidden word. Enter your guesses into the text box and submit them to reveal more of the word.
  2. Win Prizes: The top three players with the most correct guesses will win a share of the game wallet's balance – that's 25% each for the top three winners every week!
  3. Guess Balance: Every player starts with a guess balance of 3. You can refill your balance with 1 BAT and get 10 Guess Balance.

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Contact: x/niyochain

Become a Champion:

Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the leaderboard and claim your share of the prize? Play The Word Block now and show off your word-guessing prowess!

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